22 . 04 . 2014
I miss the bunks, and the cots. The dirt and the mud. The chatter, the rough housing. I miss my family.
- Alastor, to Josie and Dustine, after realizing that behind a desk isn’t really where he belongs.
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For those still interested in RPing with me and in my character I do need your help. I’ve got thoughts an ideas that I’ve been forming for the past few weeks over how Alastor would progress differently if the events of Christmas 2012 didn’t happen, but I would like headcanon questions or inquiries about events, or situations over the past 16 months.

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//I never got to watch Leverage, and strikelikeahawk's reblogs really make me wanna.

Netflix is your friend

I’ll have to look into it after I finish watching FMA:Brotherhood

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//I never got to watch Leverage, and strikelikeahawk's reblogs really make me wanna.

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Well it’s time to move on. I was used, and I’ll get over it. There are other people I would have rather had Alastor build strong bonds with, and I’d even voiced of late to people my concerns with the relationship between Alastor and the other person, something they might have known had they ever returned plot oriented communications. So I’d been working on ways of retconing that Ship for several weeks anyway.

The posts about the person are gone, not deleted, just set to private. After their actions, and I will emphasis this in my defense, after their actions, I got angry and made a post naming names, and that was wrong, so I’ve removed it from public view. But their actions predate my posting a thing about them, because the post they claim set them off wasn’t even about someone in Helifeels.

But it’s done. It’s over. All relationships, baring situations directly related to the other individual, are unaffected save one or two which I will deal with in turn should those people wish to continue role playing with me. No need in dwelling, cause you can’t change the past and you can’t change people. Especially those who have no interest in talking things out. So tomorrow things start fresh, because I don’t run away.

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//I realize I’ve been a scapegoat. I’ve been made a patsy, an involuntary Sitwell. An excuse was needed to get rid of that blog, and my post, not even about her, was her way out. So I pay the price. I get blamed. I lose followers. I get stress. I lose my drive to RP. She gets to blame someone else for her deleting a blog she openly admits to wanting to delete.

I should have seen this coming after her explosion on me and Tank mun when we started sleeper agents. Guess this is what I get for being trusting. Unfortunately, for better or worse, I’m probably not going to be that trusting anymore.

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//Joy. I’ve stressed myself to the point of being physically sick.

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Expect a post tomorrow regarding changes to some of the back story of the past year and a half of Alastor’s life.